An about me page seems hard to do considering that I try (and fail, far too often) to stay as anonymous as possible on here. But here are a few things you should know about me.
         1.       I love photography. You wouldn’t know that from here since I won’t post pictures, but I have an ever growing Flickr stream and a separate photoblog. If you want a link let me know I’ll probably share.
         2.   I love sports. Mostly baseball but I’ll watch just about anything. My main passion for many years has been the Oakland Athletics, but I’ve been unable to watch games the past two seasons and that upsets me greatly. Since 2012, I've attended 180 Colorado Rockies games. So THAT'S what happens when a sports fan moves to a city that actually has sports teams.
          3.   I was a nanny for one family for more than five years. I was devastated when they moved. It didn’t help that their move came in the midst of my depression after my aunt died in July 2009. I got to live with them for the summer and could not have been more thrilled. The kids are K and B - they are 7 9 12 and 11 13 16. I now live about ten minutes from them. I see them at least weekly still, even though they definitely don't need a "nanny" anymore.
         4.   I am a dual citizen. If I would have gotten the darn certificate I applied for back in September I could likely be moving to Canada rather than Colorado. Alas, it didn’t happen.
        5.    I have a college degree in education. I would give just about anything to have my own classroom. I got my degree at the wrong point in time. Budget cuts have amounted to no jobs. I’m hoping something works out for the fall.  I still don't have a classroom. But I have a teaching job. Which I might go into more detail about soon. I walked away from my teaching job in 3/13. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself and I wouldn't trade a moment since. I now nanny for two little boys, and their cousin.
        6. I have two other blogs. The above mentioned photography one and a teaching one. I've only posted a handful of times on the teaching one. If It get a job? That'll change!