19 November 2015

So...about next summer.

I love baseball. This is documented widely. On this blog. On all social media. 

Since moving to Colorado five seasons ago, I have attended around 190 Rockies games. I have been a season ticket holder since the first full year I lived here. 

I budget for tickets - it's one of my biggest yearly expenses but I always make it work. 

Until now. 

Yesterday the Rockies sent out renewal information for mini plan holders (people who can't commit to purchasing 81 games a year, so choose packages of 10-25 games with varying benefits). In the email they introduce dynamic pricing for certain games but claim that prices for packages will be "similar to last year."

I looked at the pricing. For the plan I always purchase (25 choose your own games), individual tickets went up $4 a game. If I want to include the games that they consider to be a premium game (um, that's half the reason I have a plan, so that I can have opening day tickets?) - the price is of those is double or more, compared to what I paid last year. If I choose the exact same games (the 5 'premiums' and Friday/Saturday nights throughout the season) as I have done every single year, my plan will go up 25%. 

I'm not exactly sure how they can consider that to be "similar to last year," because it's not. I don't have an extra 25% in my budget for baseball tickets. 

There are a few things about this that really bothers me:
First of all, the Rockies are not good. They haven't been good since I moved here. I have sat through a great number of really bad baseball games, because I love the sport. I love finding the little things to cheer for. I love getting to know the players and their families and rooting for success. But the reality of it is, the Rockies want me to pay quite a bit more to sit and watch a team lose the majority of their games. 

Secondly, fireworks games are considered premium games and now cost 172% of what they did last year. Last year? It rained every fireworks game. We had rain delayed fireworks multiple times. My ticket allows me to go onto the field for fireworks but due to the saturation from rain we never did. I think there was one game we could have, but sitting on a sopping wet field was less than appealing. 

Third, I often sit with friends at games but there are always a couple games when I actually need my seat to be available. For instance, these games that are now considered to be premium. Well, every time I needed to sit in my seat last year, there was someone there. Opening Day, I had a guy taking up half of my seat and he refused to move. And no one did anything to help. Am I really supposed to pay more than double, when I know what I'm dealing with? 

I understand dynamic pricing, I truly do. Why wouldn't you charge more for games that will be in higher demand? However, if I'm willing to commit to purchasing a package of 25 games (and then purchase 20-25 ADDITIONAL TICKETS at single game prices throughout the year), I don't think it's fair to be charged ridiculously higher prices for games. Leave that to the single game ticket purchasers. 

If the Rockies don't fix this, they've lost me for next summer. And I'm going to be at a loss as to what to spend my time doing. They've taken away the one stable thing I do for myself annually, and that's not okay. 

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