01 November 2013

OpEleanor, Year 3

Two years ago, Megan issued a challenge to herself and others. Using a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, we were all challenged to "Do one thing every day that scares you." 

Two years ago, I was facing an interesting crossroads. One I've kind of been stuck in ever since then. One of my fears would be putting in to words how quickly I could see everything I've made here crumble, so I just don't talk about it. 

I live here now. That's all. That's not changing, unless God shows me a different plan, but He seems to be continuing to provide and point me towards opportunities here.

Two years ago, the idea of 30 days of facing fears was daunting. And you want to know a secret? It still is today.

However, in the last two years, I've had countless #OpEleanor days that weren't in the month of November. I've successfully completed this "30 day" (but really, lifetime) challenge for much of the past 720+ days. 

Things that were fears, almost feel like they aren't anymore. (Do you know how many times I've gotten on a plane in the last two years? I often feel like all I ever do is look at airfare!) When I face challenges in life, I have a friend who will regularly tell me to "Eleanor it". And that often helps me power through those moments. 

Some of you have followed along long enough to know how 'simple' some days are. Others are new. I would invite you to join our journey. Blog it, tweet it, Facebook it. Journal it if you need to be more private (I definitely have 'vague' days - where only one or two people might know what my fear was - and that's absolutely okay!)

Look up the hashtag on twitter and instagram - there are some incredible people doing incredible things during the month of November. I am glad to be included in their group.