05 October 2013


I live in a one bedroom, 650 square foot apartment (for the next 26 days). I have had a friend staying with me for the last week.

In that time I have learned some critical things about myself and my tolerance level of others in my home.

a. Dishes left in the sink are only okay if they are my dishes.
b. If you're going to cook and use all the pots and pans I own, I'd suggest cleaning up before I wake up in the morning.
c. Turn off the lights.
d. My fear of a raised electricity bill is real (see c)
e. Some clutter is okay, some clutter is not. I'm not sure exactly what my line is on this.
f. If you come home at midnight or later, I am not responsible for waking you up when I need to leave at 7.

We are apartment hunting today. It will have 2 bedrooms. And hopefully 2 bathrooms, although that's negotiable.

I'm hoping having more individual space will help with many of the things on the list. As will more time, and setting more boundaries for one another.

If not, it'll be a really long year.

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