12 October 2013


I'm currently sharing a room with a ten year old.

Wednesday night, K invited me to join her family for the weekend - "my room has two beds, please come!" We see each other not often enough anymore, life is just busy for all of us. However, this weekend was free and so here I am.

I spent the hour after her bedtime on the phone in my car. This served two purposes. First, it let her fall asleep without me in here on the computer or watching a movie (or Doctor Who). Second, I got to talk to a friend who I hadn't talked to in months.

However, sitting in your car in the mountains at 10pm might not be the smartest decision. I may never feel my fingers again. The temperature dropped to 20 something and I'm not at the point in the year where that doesn't phase me.

I came back in to a ten year old grinding her teeth. That's a new one. I've joined her family on about two vacations a year for the past seven years. K and I have shared a room on at least 90% of those trips. I have never heard her grind her teeth. She's always been a quiet sleeper.

It might be a long couple nights if this keeps up. However, the vacation to the mountains will be totally worth it.

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