01 October 2013


It's been four months since I wrote here, and you know what? I didn't really miss it. Usually when I skip long periods of time, I open the page and just don't write. Lately, however, that doesn't seem to be the case. I think I just needed the break.

This has been home for many years. I think my first post was almost eight years ago (if I wasn't typing on my iPad, I'd double check that). I've created an identity for myself under this username. I've written in good times and bad times and felt support from people I now call friends.

I remember when I wouldn't add anyone to my personal Facebook who only knew me as nannyanya. This doesn't happen anymore, and I'm glad. There are still many who don't know my real name, and it always surprises me to realize that. It also helps me feel confident that if I needed to or wanted to I could go back to a fairly anonymous online identity.

I happy with how I use social media, and with who I've let into my life that way. I'm also completely comfortable with the fact that many people who have known me for years don't know this exists. It's nice to have a space to vent when I need to, without worrying about what family and friends might think/say/judge.

I want to start writing again. I think I'm going to challenge myself to post daily for October. It wouldn't be hard to see that I've never been successful in such a goal. This time around I have someone who has said they will hold me accountable. Let's see if that helps.

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