13 October 2013


I've now been in Breckenridge for 29 hours. I have spent the last 10 hours with a headache, four hours ago, it got to the point that I almost passed out before dinner.

Logically, I know it was mostly because of a combination of altitude and hunger. But, I'm frustrated because I've drank a ton of water today (well over 100 ounces, in fact) and should at this point be able to handle higher altitudes.

The last time I felt this bad in the mountains was on a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. I don't even think I did any walking or hiking, but I definitely didn't have enough water and I was absolutely miserable on Trail Ridge Road. (Or, wait, thinking about it now? I was absolutely miserable in Glenwood Springs at New Years. Like, couldn't drag myself down the hall to hang out with friends because my body was so miserable.)

We started out this morning with a four mile hike, something I couldn't do a year ago. I was actually really impressed by myself and my progress today. I enjoyed the hike, we went at a comfortable pace and K and I even ran several minutes on the way back down the trail. We ended up at an old mine and took some lovely fall pictures. I love a day when I get to take my camera out for a good walk. When we came back to the condo, we had lunch and I almost fell asleep, but was awakened with the offer of a trip into town for window shopping.

All was good until we got back from town. That's when I hit a major wall and could barely drag myself out of bed. I settled in, paid for wireless internet, and treated myself to quiet time, while wishing that I could nap. I am not a napper, generally - it's hard enough for me to fall asleep at night without messing up without messing things up with a midday nap.

I can only hope that during any and all future trips to the mountains that I can figure out how to keep myself from ending up feeling miserable, as I spend much time wishing to be in the mountains and missing the convenience of their location back where my parents live.

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