02 June 2013


Last October, I started dancing at the same studio K attends. It was an effort to do something active that I would enjoy, and I knew the instructor would be understanding and kind about the limitations of my body, especially with my back injury.

I really only wanted to do ballet - stretching is wonderful and stretching properly has helped my range of motion greatly. But, I was the only adult interested in staying for ballet. The class before ballet is tap and the instructor convinced me to try it one week.

I have sat through a million weeks of K's dance class. I have left the room during tap on many, many instances. There was no reason to expect to enjoy it.

But I did, at least kind of.

At the time, the class was working on a routine for The Nutcracker, which I knew I was going to be out of town for. I was shocked with how quickly I picked up the routine, even knowing I wouldn't have a reason to perform it.

I kept going to class, only skipping a couple weeks here and there. The others in the class are all great, and hopefully we'll catch up for happy hour or something this summer, while there are no classes.

The routine for the spring recital was much more difficult and I was doubting my ability to learn and perform it until yesterday, the day of the performance. I knew there were parts that I couldn't do "right", but I'd also learned how to fake it. I was surprised when I fell asleep Friday night rehearsing in my head.

The first performance was terrifying. I could tell you 900 ways in which I was pretty sure I'd screwed up. Afterwards, everyone said it was great.

The second performance was still scary, but definitely felt better. Until the last move when I managed to stumble on a spot in the floor that is uneven. I know that I missed some steps. But I recovered, finished and ran off stage.

At this moment, I'm not sure if I'll go back next year. It'll depend on what I'm doing for work, and how finances play out. All I know is that I'm glad I took a chance this year.

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