02 January 2013

Fresh Start

I spent the weekend in the mountains with my Bible study group.

It was an interesting weekend filled with laughter and bonding and lessons.

And a lot of discussion about "fresh starts". Turns out, we all need them. It's so easy to look back on a year and mark the failures. It's much harder to find the successes, even if small.

Last year, I opened up more. I learned to trust. When the walls came crashing down around me, I didn't run away. I didn't put up the barrier again.

Last year, I took on a challenging job. It is far from my goal, but I get up every morning and go to work. And I do my best.

Last year, I took risks. I traveled. I met "online" friends. I didn't let fear stop me from doing things.

Last year, I got hurt. It brought me down. I gained a lot of weight because I couldn't be active. In September, I began a challenge with friends. I lost every.last.pound. from the injury. Now, I'm working towards bigger goals.

And that's what I'm choosing to focus on, as I head into a new year. A year sure to be wrought with challenges and failures. A year sure to be marked by successes.

Those successes are what I want to learn to focus on more.

Many of them, hopefully, will relate to my 13 Goals for 2013.


Chibi said...

You did AMAZING things last year, lady - so proud of you. <3

Al_Pal said...