02 November 2012

When a plan fails

So there's this situation that I need to take care of. A situation that I don't feel is my fault at all, but that is affecting my life in kind of significant ways.

I'm struggling to figure out the words to say to alleviate the problems. I'm struggling to find the appropriate timing to have the conversation.

And the thing is? I was there last night. I was ready. I had moments of mental terror but I was going to have this conversation.

And then, the person who I needed to talk to wasn't there.

So, now I'll have to work myself up to that point again.

I'm so afraid that I'm never going to get there...


Chibi said...

You'll get there again - I have all the faith in the world in you. <3

Al_Pal said...

Awww. You got this.
You found mental readiness! Perhaps it'll be easier next time--you never know!