08 August 2012


I have spent the last four months in almost constant pain. And the reasons for this pain are infuriating.

At the beginning of April, my school celebration "staff appreciation" month. One of the days included yoga before the start of a day of training (and hi! since that's totally not vague enough, and someone could probably find this page now...). I decided to go despite the fact that I'd a)never done yoga before and b)I was incredible apprehensive about the whole thing.

It started out okay, but then the instructor moved us through more difficult poses. I'd gone in with an attitude of not caring if I couldn't do something, because it honestly didn't matter to me. Well, to her it did. I couldn't get into a pose and she came over and shoved my back in an attempt to make the pose happen. It didn't. And it hurt. I was in tears from her touch, almost instantly.

I didn't think much about the soreness the next day, and it really wasn't stopping me from doing things until the middle of May. I was able to participate in the March of Dimes walk at the end of April, a little sore, but I chalked it up to the flight and the fact that I'd been more active than I had previously.

I knew something was really wrong right before I flew home for a wedding in May. I'd given in and gone to a chiropractor for the pain, thinking an adjustment would help. It didn't and I was miserable the entire weekend, including both flights. I went back to the chiro and this time the adjustment made the pain much worse.

I booked a massage, but was unable to sit or stand for any length of time. 800mg of Advil didn't touch the pain. And ice pack helped, but only for  brief periods of time. I was at my wits end.

I went to the doctor and was prescribed a muscle relaxer and a pain pill. Turns out, my reactions to medicine are quite fun. The pain pill kept me up all night, but left me just loopy enough that I couldn't drive and take it. The muscle relaxer helped immensely but made me sleepy and/or dizzy. The massage that I'd booked helped a lot. But things don't always last.

By the middle of June, I'd spent lots of time in the pool and lots of time laying flat. My summer was half over and I hadn't managed to do ANY of the things on my to do list. However, I was feeling a lot better. Not 100% mind you, but a lot better. Rest seemed to be key, swimming seemed to help rehab the muscle that had been sprained/strained/tore/who knows. It came and went a bit, but I never REALLY had pain for more than a day or two and then was okay for several.

And then I went to a concert. A concert where a lapse in security (which I will write about soon) led to a major relapse in pain. I'd venture to say that the injury this time was worse than before. I went back to the doctor finally and was prescribed a 14 day "treatment plan". I have felt REALLY good for the last week (save for the fact that I totally failed to sit in a way that was even slightly "supportive" yesterday, and I felt it, but at least it was something I could fix!).

Almost good enough to cancel the follow up, which I can't really afford and which he plans to suggest an X-ray which since I almost just about positive this is muscular, is a waste of time and money for us all. I keep thinking I'll cancel, but then I wonder what happens when the meds run out. What if I start hurting AGAIN?