12 February 2012

Because Chibi Asked

Chibi posted her answers to 11 questions and then tagged several of us to answer HER questions. I had been looking for an excuse to blog again, since it's only been almost three months. This seemed like a safe way to jump back in. I hope to have a couple more posts up soon.

1.             What colour are your underwear right now?
2.             What's your least favourite food?
Rice. Or bananas. Probably bananas, I can, on occasion, accept a bite or two of rice. I cannot, ever, open a banana.
3.             Does it bother you when I put extra letters in my word? Well, too bad: I'm Canadian, eh?
Not even a little bit bothered. I like your extra letters.
4.             How do you like your eggs?
Over medium. With ketchup, bacon and toast.
5.             What book are you currently reading? Should I read it?
I just finished Bossypants. It was good. Right now, all I’m reading is a lot of teacher stuff. It is boring, you should not read it.
6.             Did you have an imaginary friend? What was his/her name?
I did. I cannot remember her name. That makes me a little bit sad.
7.             What is your guiltiest pleasure, keeping in mind I'm Prudy McPruderson, Mayor of Prudeville?
Chocolate? Coffee? Ridiculous TV shows?
8.             If you could have any job in the whole wide world, what would it be?
Fourth and fifth grade teacher. Which conveniently it looks like is probably going to happen next year. So that's awesome.
9.             Do you watch Toddlers & Tiaras?
I have, but I don’t have cable and haven’t seen an episode in ages.
10.         What CD is in your CD player? (Do you still have one of those? If not, what was the last song played on your MP3 player? Should I be listening to them/her/him/it?)
Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic. I have been listening just about nonstop since I got it. I love it all. Especially Hey Now and Only Human.
11.         Shoes: off at the door, or wear 'em through the house?
I take them off. My parents do not.