14 September 2011

Heelys Review

A few weeks ago (I honestly am not sure if it was before or after my first trip to Colorado this summer), Heelys sent me a pair of Wave shoes (well, actually, I got to choose a pair, and if you didn't know, purple is kind of my favorite color).

Along with the shoes came all kinds of resources in order to (safely) wear/use them. I am a procrastinator at times. And can be very afraid of trying something new, so it took me a while to unpack them and put them together.

The shoes do not ALWAYS have to have wheels. This is important to know, especially if you live somewhere muddy, wet, snowy, etc. When they arrive at your house, they have "plugs" in the holes that the wheels pop into - they come with the tool you need to pop out the plug and insert the wheels.

I have to say I was skeptical. When I originally agreed to the review, I figured I would order a pair that B could wear, try and tell me all about. Then they emphasized that they'd REALLY like for me to try them. So I did.

Shockingly, I enjoy these shoes. They are comfortable enough that I am willing to wear them regularly. Conveniently, I ordered a pair that match the Rockies colors, so not only do they match my wardrobe (I own a lot of purple), it feels "spirit-y" to wear them. I'm far from proficient with the wheels, but it's definitely fun and I enjoy the challenge - the fact that I can do okay at all, what with my complete lack of coordination is impressive!

Heelys offers numerous resources to help you with the whole "there are WHEELS in my shoes" thing. Check out some videos here!

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I received a pair of Heelys shoes in order to facilitate my review the Business2Blogger. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.