13 October 2011

Boy toys vs girl toys.

Typing this on my phone- I apologize now for any errors.

I don't normally write about things that happen when I'm subbing, partly because I've agreed to confidentiality and partly because it comes and goes so quickly that it doesn't always make a lasting impression.

However, yesterday was an exception.  I was in a classroom of children with severe special needs and one of the children brought a toy to school. This little boy brought a toy that would typically be considered a "girl" toy. He was fixated on it and wanted it all day; when it was missing he would ask to have it back.  That was annoying, yes, the constant "I want my toy!" over and over. But it was also bearable.

The part that got to me was that one of the aides in the classroom kept telling him that because he was a boy he should be playing with "trucks and cars" and not this "girl toy". That was far more annoying than him asking for his toy.

I don't understand what the big deal is. If the rule is no toys, that's fine and I can accept that (it is, but apparently this child has been given special permission from the teacher). However, why does it matter what toy a parent allows their son to play with?

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