02 June 2011

Six things I'm loving right now

1. UnderArmour ColdGear Fitted Hoodie -  I bought a black one on clearance thinking it would be good for next year's football season, while I'm coaching cheer. I've worn it to every baseball game since it arrived, since we are in the midst of the winter that will not turn to spring. I love it so much that I bought one in white as well when I found a good price.

2. The Penderwicks at Point Mouette - I have used The Penderwicks as a read aloud in three classrooms now. I tried to use the second book as a read aloud with less success, but was still very excited to have a third book in the series. I love the sisters. They are incredibly fun to read about. And this third book may well be my favorite on the group (but you HAVE to read book 1 before you read book 3, the big surprise in 3 wouldn't be as critical without prior knowledge).

3. Kindle - I bought a Kindle a week ago. I cannot say enough about how much I love it. You need one. Even if you are SURE you don't.

4. Nikon d3100 - I finally started a facebook page and website for my photography (email me and I'll share the link if I know you - it's using my real first and last name so it's not going here). I bought this camera back in January. I've taken countless pictures with it and couldn't be happier.

5. Tamron AF 70-300mm - I used a giftcard to Amazon to pay for most of this lens. I was torn on what to buy but decided with the countless hours I've spent at the baseball fields that a zoom lens made sense. It definitely has a learning curve but I've started to get decent pictures with it and can only get better from here.

6. Crocs Kadee - I was disappointed when Crocs was out of stock in the shoe that my friend's dog chewed just months after I bought it last summer. However, Crocs customer service told me to try Kadee (via Twitter). I bought Kadee in Oyster. And then bought Kadee in Black. They are the most comfortable shoes ever. And they're cute and school appropriate.

What are your current must haves and/or splurges?

This post is completely unsponsered. However, in the interest of being completely honest, the links are all Amazon Affiliate links.


Brie said...

For me it's my ipad/ps apps and lip gloss! Now does the UA show like every roll? I'd woody about that but otherwise I've wanted one.

-A said...

@Brie - It's fitted, so it's definitely clingy. But since I use it for layering UNDER something else? It almost works kind of like shapewear and hides anything. I wouldn't wear it alone though... Seriously though, best.purchase.ever.