08 June 2011


In October, I wrote about being sad that I was losing a student because his family was moving to another state.

Before he and his family left, we had a small party for his birthday and to say goodbye. Each child made him a card to wish him luck in his new school. (And a couple students "wrapped" up the foot off the chair that he'd broken as a gift, which caused much laughter).

I just received a message from his mother on facebook. She told me:
I cleaned out T's backpack with him the other day and in there were all of the cards the kids had made for him in (our state). I asked him why they were in his backpack, and he said for courage. Thanks for sending him off with courage.
He has carried those cards with him for SIX months. Every day. For courage.

When people ask me why I teach and why I strive to do well at what I do, stories like this will be my answer.


misguided mommy said...

that is so so so sweet. what a cute little guy

Vixen said...

Well done. You really touched him and helped him. NO ONE could ever ask for a better role model than you. Kudos.

Chibi said...

Oh, I *love* that. So, so awesome. :)

Kris said...

Oh, I love this.

That something so small could be so meaningful to this little boy.

That you took the moment to give him this small HUGE thing.


That is amazing.


Al_Pal said...

WOW. That is *such* a touching story!!!
Six months, my gosh.