03 May 2011

Little Things

My students are amazing. I am so blessed to have them in my life. Even if at times I lose sight of that.

Sometimes my students drive me crazy. Sometimes I don’t know how I’m going to make it through another day, much less five more weeks. Sometimes I wonder how I’m going to handle field trips and report cards and packing and leaving.

But then sometimes, sometimes they blow me away.

This morning my seventh graders were chatty and giggly and not very work-y. They hadn’t seen each other in a week. It was reasonable that they needed to catch up. I kind of sat back and let them go, while watching to see that at least some work got done. As long as they were working on their project, I didn’t care so much about the off task conversation.

Half way through class, one of the girls spoke up. “I LOVE this class”. Suddenly, everyone was quiet. And then the comments kept coming. I was floored. I knew that they were enjoying class, and that they liked the fact that when they said they wanted to do Shakespeare, I bought materials to make it happen, but I wouldn’t have guessed that anyone would claim “love”, much less this student. Sometimes I wonder how effective I am as a teacher. This class? Helps me to see that there is so much more to being a middle school teacher than simply teaching a unit.

And then, my sixth graders came in the door. Between now and next Friday they will have no time in my classroom due to various other school activities. The outrage at that surprised me. “Why can’t we ever have a sub?” “Why does this class get cancelled?” I pointed out that I have NEVER cancelled. But I guess it was a problem before.

This is the same class that has two students who will walk in and tell me “530”, meaning we have a baseball game at 530, please be there. Today, the first student walked in and asked me “are you going to be able to come to our game tonight?” I hesitated a bit, because I really don’t want to sit out in the cold. The second student walked in and simple said “530”. I wasn’t even facing his direction, and everyone laughed. I told them I would come as long as it’s not too cold, and one of them told me that I have to be there.

Little things make my day. Baseball takes up way more time than basketball and football and it’s harder to be there at every game. But it’s important to them, so I will do my best. 


Al_Pal said...

Awww. So great that you're making a difference, and that they let you know! ;D

misguided mommy said...

that is so good to hear. it's nice when the kids appreciate you