13 May 2011

Hoping to Walk

Once again, this year I signed up to do the March of Dimes walk in two cities, both LA and the one closest to my home. Our walk is significantly smaller (but then again, so is our city!) than the LA walk and far less organized, but will still be fun.

Tomorrow, we walk for Maddie. And Aubrey and Annie. And now, I'm going to add two more little girls to my list of babies to walk for. A friend's little girl who was born at 34 weeks and 3lbs just over a week ago. She is doing amazingly well, and should come home from the hospital next week sometime.

I'm also walking for the baby who is the reason I had my job for the first half of the year. She was born six weeks early with numerous birth defects. Her problems were exasperated by poor medical care and doctor error, leading to five months in the hospital, numerous surgeries and various medical problems that will likely affect her for the rest of her life.

But she's alive. And that's what matters. She lived because of research. Her life has had a huge effect on mine as well as the students in my former class.

However, at this current moment there are three huge obstacles standing in my way, threatening to stop me from walking tomorrow.

First of all, the weather is supposed to be pretty bad. We had thunderstorms all afternoon today, and by tomorrow night there's a chance of snow.
Secondly, the shoes I wore in LA (the shoes that were advertised as for "walking" and with money going to March of Dimes for purchase) gave me a huge blister that is definitely not gone.
Third, the knee that I twisted/tweaked/sprained back in January and kept reinjuring because I insisted on playing basketball with the kids (NOT smart!) is hurting again. Probably doesn't help that it was aching a bit and then I played basketball again, I apparently will never learn.

If all goes well, I'll walk tomorrow. But, I'm afraid that I'm going to fail on my commitment. And that is incredibly frustrating.

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