05 April 2011

Marching for #Maddie

19 months ago, my best friend had a little girl. 3 weeks early. She had IUGR throughout the entire pregnancy and we never knew when labor might happen or how early the baby would be or how big. She weighed in at 5lbs. She spent 5 days in the NICU. Five long days. My best friend was lucky. She got to bring her baby home relatively quickly, but those five days felt like a lifetime. The baby is now nineteen months old and thriving. Her verbal development is amazing, she's climbing all over the place, she has a sense of style and an opinion on everything. She throws a mean temper tantrum. She's still tiny for her age and has breathing treatments almost nightly for asthma that was diagnosed at 6 months.

Five months before my best friend had a baby prematurely after a pregnancy full of complications, Madeline Spohr died. A beautiful 17 month old girl didn't get to turn two, or three. Because she too was born early. I didn't know her family at the time, other than through reading a few blog posts from her mother. After Maddie's death her family decided to find a way help others. They created Friends of Maddie, an organization that provides NICU support packs for families. Last year, my best friend and I delivered 24 of these packs to the NICU at the hospital where her daughter was born.

Last year, I met Maddie's family when I joined them for the March of Dimes walk in LA. I also met many other individuals who were touched by their story. This year, I'll be joining them again. It is an opportunity that I will not pass up. But here's where I ask for your help.

I set a fundraising goal of $150 last year. I raised over $300. This year I set my goal at $500, and I'm only about a third of the way there. If you could help by donating anything, even just $5, I'd appreciate it greatly.

Donate in memory of Maddie!
Donate honor of Annie and Aubrey!
Donate to remember that baby in your life who was born early, or the one that was born on time because of medical research!