21 March 2011

Starting over

I started a new job today. I started a new job today at the school that I attended for fifth through eight grade. The school where my name is on the wall as valedictorian.  I honestly wouldn't have ever thought I'd be in those halls again. I would never have chosen middle school. I started a new job today, at a middle school, and I enjoyed it. I hope the rest of the week goes just as well.

I needed this.

I also started online coursework last week. I missed school. I was craving the chance to learn. And so, I spent money I don't have to work towards an endorsement that won't actually help me get a job probably. But I started grad school. I love it.

I needed that also.

Maybe with this new start, I'll have more to write about. We had to choose a piece of writing we were proud of and discuss the writing process we took to get to the finished piece. The only piece of writing I feel truly "proud" of? The letter I wrote to the football players. I want to have more of that. More writing I can feel proud of. I have never really felt that and have usually been too shy and reserved to share writing (I don't even pretend to claim that most of what you find here is of good quality - I'm okay with that, this is an outlet more than anything else).

For now? I'm off. To sleep and rest and hope that it really isn't going to snow because I would like to attend baseball tomorrow. But I will NOT be sitting in a snowstorm to do so. Not a chance.

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Nadine said...

I'm glad for you. You truly deserve it!