02 February 2011

Change is hard, I get that

I subbed this morning in kindergarten, which is not what this post is about, although I could probably write that one too. It's only important because one of my former students has a little sister in kindergarten, so while I was releasing kids to their parents at the end of the day her mom was there.

She told me that her daughter is devastated and unimpressed by their new teacher. For this child to be that upset surprises me because she is a very sweet little girl, who I would expect to easily adjust to a new situation. We were close but I expected her to like her teacher just as much. And that may come. But while this mom and I were talking she was almost in tears about the entire situation. This certainly didn't help me to keep it together today, the first day I didn't see my class.

And then tonight at basketball, the sisters of another student informed me that a)he doesn't like her and b)she's letting things go in the classroom that shouldn't be allowed, including foul language. He also told them that he hasn't learned anything in the last three days, which isn't really that shocking, since he's one of the highest kids in the class. But I'm afraid he's going to shut down. And that scares me. After his game, I asked him how class was and he told me exactly what his sisters told me. I told him to give it this week and that the behaviors are because the kids want to push, just like he wanted to but was not allowed to because he knows what I, along with his parents, expect of him.

As I walked to my car I grew more and more upset. The sisters asked me if, because I'm hearing these things, could I report them somewhere. The thing is, I can't. Everyone knows how upset I am about not being in my class. I can't complain about the teacher without it sounding petty. I told them that their parents could absolutely place that complaint though. And I kind of hope they do.

I also hope that it really is just this week. We worked way to hard for the last nineteen weeks for these children to have a miserable second half of fifth grade. It's such an impressionable age and the thought of these two, along with who knows who else, shutting down for the second half? If that happens, I'm just afraid of how it will impact them in the future.

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Al_Pal said...

Ugh. I really hope the parents complain! Bummer. ;/