19 January 2011

Coming up with a title is too much pressure right now

I haven't tweeted in two days.

Not one person has said anything/noticed.

I'm surprisingly okay with this.

I deactivated my "blog" facebook account tonight.

I considered doing the same with my other one as well.

I think I need an internet break.

I think I need a life break.

I wish I could afford a vacation.

Or even a long weekend.

My job ends in less than two weeks.

I am not dealing well with it, nor are the students.

Except today they were pretty good while the teacher came to observe.

And I was proud of them for being cooperative.

I can only hope it lasts.

We've had several conversations about expressing emotions appropriately.

I'm hoping it has sunk in.


{katrina} said...

Sending you ((hugs)). I've been a twitter break for a very long time...and no one has noticed.

Hang in there sweetie. Things are going to look up real soon! I promise! :)

Tarrant said...

What's your twitter name?