26 October 2010


Today was a rough day at school.

Not for the reasons I might expect. I've had lots of rough days because of behavior and such. Today was actually reasonably good in that respect.

Today I found out one of my students is moving. 2,500 miles away. In four weeks. He's taking it in stride, kind of.

I am not.
I love this student.
I love his family
They are an amazing bunch.

My students are not.
One offered his room, so that this student didn't have to leave.
He also said that this student can't be student of the month because he's leaving.

The student who is moving is the only one higher than the student who is upset.
They are not especially close.
I think he's going to miss the challenge from someone.
And he needs that challenge.

It's hard because in this community, families tend to stick around. Even if they change schools (which we have another student doing), they still see each other. And they'll still go to middle and high school together.

I'm struggling with how to help my students through this sudden change. I'm struggling because I don't want to accept it myself.

I guess I better get over that. And figure out how to best teach my students how to deal with unwanted change.

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L. said...

As a mother who has forced my poor kids to move thousands of mile and change countries/cultures/languages not once but's tough! Change is tough on everyone, even changes for the better. A farewell party, heartfelt goodbye notes from everyone...teh sendoff helps. And as for keeping in touch, there's always email and Facebook (though my daughter tends to be one of those kids who prefers to stay only peripherally in touch).

It's tough, but it will be okay.

Rahul Sharma said...

The best way to deal with a change is to be unattached yet so close. Its just that if we increase the periphery of our capabilities to love poeple and their things on a bit larger scale we can appreciate both individuality of that particular person and also can observe the that warm feeling in us from the perpective of a third person. Its like watching earth revoling around the sun from universe while we are in our home!
And the good part is that only human mind is capable to do that.
nice post- honest views