13 September 2010

This post does not do the trip justice.

Another 1600 miles.
And I was done driving.
Pretty much for the foreseeable future.
But it was totally worth it.
Because my travels ended with a visit to San Diego with @amandahimes.
Where I got to meet @ladybugsgrama, @childsplayx2 and @trprunner and family.

While passing through before going home, I met up with @kristeneileen and @photographerkel
for dinner. It was lovely. And SUCH a stretch for me socially to plan and meet up with online 
friends. I have to say that I completely surprised myself.

Here are a few pictures.
The one and only wine I've ever liked.
Also, that night I reserved my sleeping arrangements for BlogHer '11.

We stayed on the harbor right across from the Gaslamp District.

Our hotel.

TheMonk likes this bird's "mustache"

Swee'Pea was bit jealous of the "eyeshadow" on this bird.

Cuddling koalas!

I'm afraid of the ocean.
Like pretty seriously.
We went down to the beach at sunset on my birthday and I couldn't
bring myself to wade out at all. However, I did manage to let the water
touch me when the tide came in.


Anonymous said...

It was lovely meeting you as well, hon! :) Wonderful pics!

Vixen said...

Yay for letting the ocean touch you...although getting a couch for BlogHer11 is awesome too. Also? That wine? WOW. And I am a wino. It impressed even me. We might have to send away for some....for BlogHer11. You know, after you drive me home HA HA HA

I am so glad you reached out, life wouldn't be the same if I hadn't met you. And I mean that. Or I wouldn't have invited you to sleep at my house. I am not really that easy!