27 August 2010

Weekend #3, 1300 miles

This is the third in my series of travel posts and probably the ONLY time you'll see pictures on this blog.
After I got back from Colorado, I had three days to rest.
Rest, do laundry and pack for the next trip.
My cousin was getting married the following weekend.
520 miles away from here. And about 20 miles from our hotel.
This amounted to LOTS more driving.

But there were cool things to look at.
We made dad turn around and go back to take pictures of these metal dudes.
And the bridge just happened to be on the detour we took due to an accident on the freeway.

The wedding was beautiful - those pictures will come on the photo blog soon-ish, probably.

The 27hrs driving time in three days? Not so awesome. 
Especially not with my parents in the car.

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Vixen said...

Three days in a car with my parents? I am pretty sure some one would not be going home...