05 June 2010

Saturday Morning Randomness

I'm sitting in front of a coffee shop in Colorado Springs as I type this. I'm even more convinced that this city is where I'd like to live. It's pretty down here. There were a half dozen places I wanted to stop and take pictures on the drive, but when I drive I tend to never stop.

Speaking of driving, I'm at something like 2000 miles in the last week. Which is insane on a lot of levels but totally typical on others. I'm quite used to travelling far to accomplish simple tasks.

K and B came home yesterday. It is awesome to see those kids. I love them so much. K is *thisclose* to making the jump to reader. That is for sure a goal this summer. I think we'll spend lots of time sitting and reading anything and everything to push her over that edge. She also no longer qualifies for speech services, and it's obvious when listening to her.

I have a bunch of things to review/giveaway. If I'd try the products that have been sent to me! I'll work on that this weekend. Really.

I totally know this is rambling. That's what happens when I'm a more than half an hour early, apparently.

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