12 June 2010

One week down.

This has been a crazy week, to say the least.

I started my teaching on Monday with only six children in my class, by Thursday, I had 9 and I think I'll have 11 on Monday. We have been super busy, with a very tight schedule and a lot to get done each day. So far, we have managed to stay mostly on schedule even with the many times when something has been thrown at me at the last second. I also seem to have fallen into a nice routine with the students, where we do the science curriculum and then do many more laid back activities.

K and B spent the week at an especially exhausting camp. There was much whining and fussing after school, along with a lot of bossing around from a big brother. This is something we will work on this summer, otherwise, I'll go crazy.

Tonight, I spent a (freezing!) couple of hours at the baseball game, which would have been a whole lot more fun had it been a bit warmer and had the people behind us not been freaking obnoxious. Oh, and had people spent just a little time sitting and watching the game instead of standing up and walking around and blocking the view.

Next week should be a bit calmer. B is at a sleepover camp and K only has a camp in the morning, so she should be far happier and more rested. Hopefully I'll fall into an even better routine with the students and we'll make good progress towards our goals this summer.

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