03 June 2010

I made it!

Not only did I make it to my new "home" uneventfully (except Wyoming - did you know Wyoming was super boring? I didn't until Monday), but I've managed to find my way around quite easily. Except for one occurrence of getting on the wrong freeway. Not bad for a country girl.

I also made it through days 1 and 2 of training. Without tears. For the first time EVER. During introductions/icebreakers, I have always frozen and ended up crying. Not this time. Thank goodness.

Summer school starts Monday and I cannot wait. I will have about 15 fourth graders (who speak little to no English) and we will be talking about measurement and plants all summer long. I need to go on a hunt for good books/poems/other resources to support literacy with out curriculum.

Thankfully, two of my three packages arrived as well (and so did something else but K and B’s grandma has it). I also got to catch up with a friend from Oakland and meet her little girl.

What I have not done is sleep in. Or explore enough. I have tomorrow off and K and B don’t get home until 4pm. I’m thinking it will be the perfect opportunity for both of those things. And finding the teacher store. And possibly a library. And maybe even a post office. I had thought I wanted to go into the mountains. Now, I'm not so sure that's a good option. Perhaps that can come on Sunday.

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