23 June 2010

Happiness is...

... having eleven kids in summer school. Even if there's never been a day when all have come at once.
... having eleven kids who seem to truly enjoy learning and the activities that are planned.
... hanging out at the pool with K and B twice a week. Or more.
... taking K on "girl outings". She loves to shop and I am usually content to take her along.
... planning baseball with B. He loves it. I love it. It's the perfect date for the two of us.
... the LUSH and Crocs stores in Boulder. I brought more than 15 pairs of shoes with me to Colorado. I've worn one pair for the last week.
... getting to spend lots of time with a friend who you've known for many years, but hadn't seen in about 4.
... planning a road trip 800 miles the wrong way, a weekend before you're supposed to return "home".
... being truly appreciated by the people around you.
... gaining such confidence as a teacher that you feel like you can conquer anything. Even a complete non-English speaker.
... introducing K and B to two of your favorites. We watched Mary Poppins. We're reading Matilda. It's awesome.
... having this many things to write about that make you happy. I should write these lists more often. I'm the happiest right now that I've been in a long time.

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