29 April 2010

Writer's Workshop

I am blocked on what to write. So I went to MamaKat's site to see what the prompts were this week. I pretty much read them every week and have yet to link up. That changes today.

I chose topic number 3 - List five things you would do different if you started blogging today.

Now if you've been reading for any length of time, you'll know that I've reinvented this blog at least twice after long breaks, including about six months ago. Lately, I'll been thinking about things I wish were happening here.

First - I would have chosen a niche. Or at the very least figured out what I wanted to write about now that I'm not nannying, rarely babysitting and unable to find a job. "Life" is too generic and I struggle with what to write without constantly being depressing. I have to figure out a way to write about teaching, maintain anonymity and keep this as a safe place. This might actually involve creating a new blog - or using one that I've had set aside for some time now.

Secondly - I would have bought a domain a LONG time ago. And probably not from google. Because since I have? I've been indescribably frustrated with blogger. And I have no idea if/how to make a change.

Third- I would implement a different commenting system. This one sucks. I'm constantly getting tweets/emails from people who say that the commenting isn't working. Suggestions welcome.

Fourth - I would make a choice about ads. Do I want them? I'm so unsure. I think about adding google ads but don't think I have enough visitors to make it worth my time.

Fifth - I would comment more. I say this all the time. I read a ton of blogs. I am terrible about commenting. Some weeks I feel like I'm doing better and then the next, I make none. I know that in order to expect comments I should make an effort. If I were to start over I'd hope to care less about what people think about my words and just say what's on my mind.

There are my five. What about you? What would you do differently if you started blogging today?


Kathleen Evertsen said...

I have reinvented by blog a couple of times myself. My problem is, I start writing for the readers and kind of lose myself in the process, when I do that my writing suffers. So I need to redirect and find my honesty again.

I found you reading comments at the Spohr's blog btw


Vixen said...

I so get a lot of this! One thing I would change, if I could, is losing my job. My life got so narrow and closed and I have no exposure to anyone except online that I have nothing to write about that doesn't sound whiny to me! But I guess that isn't something I could really choose, right?

Hey, why don't you move to wordpress. I've never been unhappy with it. I helped a lot of blogger people move to wordpress a few years ago when I did it. Don't know if I remember how, but it couldn't be too hard if I figured it out on my own, right?

And the commenting thing. Spot on. I must do it.