22 April 2010

My name is not Anya

Four and a half years ago I wrote a post explaining why I chose NannyAnya as my name for this blog. As I have added more people on Facebook who I've met through my blog and on Twitter, and I've stopped posting my real name whenever possible, it's caused a bit of confusion. Therefore, I decided that I need to repost it! It should be noted that I say it Ann-ya, but my friend has a little girl named Anya who's name is pronounced On-ya. So here you go.

The story behind my blog name.

So... the 2 1/2 year old I take care of at least 2 days a week (plus a lot of weekends and evening hours) is language delayed and about 6 months ago, I decided that she needed to have something to call me, since until then she was mostly saying 'aaaah' when she didn't have a word. Knowing that Angela was too hard (that hard g/j sound doesn't come to most kids until late in language development), I realized that my brother called me Anya 'til he was about 3 or maybe even older and that K had all the necessary sounds to say Anya I decided to work with her to call me Anya...

It only took a couple days and she picked it up, however, it was interesting that she wouldn't say it in front of her mom, until the day we went to MarineWorld and the JellyBelly Factory. I had waited in line to buy Jelly Belly's for my family and they had gone ahead to get ice cream and then go play outside while waiting, but mom decided that it was too windy to play so they waited inside, which I wouldn't have known except for the fact that K called out "Anya" and I knew that she was calling me!

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