01 March 2010


I am one of the shyest people you'll meet (in fact? You probably won't. Because I won't say hi). I don't talk in groups, I have never made it through a speech without tears. I panic upon hearing that speaking is a requirement in anything. I dropped more than one university class upon reading a syllabus that mentioned presentations.

I was an education major. Speaking is required to teach. And you know what? I came out a darn good teacher after some subbing and student teaching. Talking to seven years olds is a heck of a lot easier than telling a group of adults who are all older than you what to do and how to teach.

Oddly enough? I'm very active online. I've sent 8000 tweets in about 18 months, many of those in response to others. This is my 489th blog post. I read and (occasionally!) comment on 50 or so blogs. I feel safe in doing so, most of the time I think this is because it's not face to face. There is less pressure. Or something.

I am going to meet one of the people I tweet with most (along with a couple others I imagine) in 10 days. I have had two panic attacks already. One when booking a room (why does it have to be so hard to pick a place to sleep for six hours two nights in a row?) and the other when I thought about meeting up.

I want to do this. I need to get out of town. I am excited to meet these people. So why is it so hard? I don't want to spend my four hour drive stressing about what's going to happen. Maybe by typing it out I can calm myself some.

I can only hope.

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FeistyKel said...

I am exactly the same. Total introvert and am freaking out a little as well, but I have reached a point (I reckon a lot of it is an age thing?) where I want to challenge and push myself and grow. And this is an enormous step in that.

So, I will make you a deal. I'll be brave if you will, and I promise not to push you into doing anything or talking if you're not ready. It will be fun, it won't be uncomfortable for long - promise. Big hugs, I am so grateful you are doing this to see me and everyone else. Looking forward to seeing you xx

FeistyKel said...

P.S. You can't back out, I bought you a block of Nestle Aero today! ;-)

Vixen of said...

Where are you going? I bet it will be less stressful than you think once you get there. I had a sleepover with some twitterers last month and honestly it was great. I thought I would be sitting on the sides watching things go down (like usual), but I didn't and it was awesome.

Unknown said...

Just on Saturday I met a bunch of other bloggers for the very first time. I was anxious too, but once I got there and the more I talked, the more I relaxed.

They will LOVE you, I'm sure.

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