28 November 2009

This has been a long couple of days. We've driven from one end of Vegas to the other more times than I can count (250 miles or so since thursday morning). I have also managed to miss the strip 3 out of the 4 times I've attempted to get there. Who does that?

I think both of us are worrying about making the other go too much. It doesn't help that there is a bug going around the house making me nervous. I do not want to end up puking for our driving home please.

I am so incredibly tired and have a headache that will not end to top it all off. I was in tears because of overstimulation and pain earlier. Had to take three advil in order to be able to move. That or the caffeine finally kicked in.

Tomorrow will once again be busy, but I think I need to start the day with starbucks in order to ease the day along.

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12 November 2009

My favorite person in the world died four months ago today.

Will it ever stop hurting?