07 August 2007

Soul to Soul 2007

Last night I saw Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in concert in Sacramento! We were on the floor fairly close to the stage - and if not for the nasty security guard I could have been right at the stage for the whole night.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the evening.

One of my favourites - it was like the 10th picture I took (out of 300!)

This one's cool too - Faith Hill singing "Lucky One" - at least I'm pretty sure...

Faith brought this little girl whose name was Carly to the stage - Carly went back and forth between dancing and just being completely excite to be up there with Faith.

Tim McGraw

Playing a game - when the hands are down you're quiet.
When they're up, you scream. I think he liked the control he had over the audience at this point!
It's Your Love

One last picture of Faith - and then the camera died!

Back to work tomorrow - only 9 more working days then I'm off to Canada - yay!


Shel said...

i am glad to see you got the obligatory tim butt shot. it's a sight to behold. :) no one tried to grab any of his um, valuables this time, did they?

you had fantabulous seats! woot!

Granny said...

Lucky you!!

One of my favorites (you've probably never heard of him) will be in Merced this weekend. Wish I could afford it.

Anonymous said...

COOL pictures Angela, so happy for you , and next is your trip to Canada, how great is this month for you? we have 105 heat index today