08 August 2007

Happy Birthday to Me?

This morning started out with a seven year old who refused to listen to anything I was saying. She was completely disrespectful and I was so close to turning around and yelling at her "it's my birthday, could you be nice to me if for no other reason than that?" at about 9am. I managed to hold off until 3pm, but not without many tantrums from the two year old and otherwise rude behaviours from both of them.

My parents took me and ten others out to dinner at my favourite restaurant tonight - it was wonderful and I added to my gift card collection (Borders, Cold Stone Creamery, Starbucks, Best Buy), got a CD I wanted (Big and Rich) and an external hard drive for my computer (in less than 6 months I've used over half the memory on this hard drive, I take too many pictures and listen to too much music apparently!).

Only 13 more days (8 more work days) until Toronto!!!


Nanny Girl said...

I'm glad in the end you had a good birthday. What are you going to be doing in Toronto?

Carrie said...

happy birthday.... a little late, but still sincere!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ,a day late. sounds like you had a great time. Holly is leaving today with DJ to be with him for his birthday in Detroit.

Granny said...

Happy Birthday. (My net was down for most of yesterday and part of today).