19 July 2007

Still working more than anticipated, and yet I had $30 in the bank all week...

I have had 15 hits from people searching for Jason and Chantel Kendall in the last three days, mostly from the Chicago area. And since they seem to be finding the Class Act posting without any troubles, I'm not going to link it here. If you want to know what kind of family you've added to your team, let me just tell you that you really must read that post, it'll tell you a lot about the character of Jason and Chantel.

I also have read numerous articles stating that Jason was booed on his first night in Chicago. Booed. Not even given a chance before people judged. You want to know something? That makes me even more upset than the fact that we don't have Jason anymore. Give the guy a chance.

I'm going to head to Sacramento for baseball on Saturday and then spend the day on Sunday boating with my dad (I think, as long as he can find somewhere to camp on Saturday night), which should be a nice change of pace. There's a chance that one of my favourites may be in Sacramento tomorrow rehabbing from his injury, but even if he's not, I'll enjoy myself.

16 July 2007

I hate this time of year

They traded him.

And I can't read Athletics Nation anymore right now.

They are far too giddy about things over there.