26 June 2007

Day 2 - Outreach to Teach

Today we went to an elementary school for this project called Outreach to Teach. With Outreach to Teach, we painted, redid bulletin boards and laid 20,000 square feet of sod. This school never had grass before.

Working on a bulletin board as requested by the teacher

The finished product

Another one that we worked on - I did the lettering on the screen - learning + math = fun!

The new grass, and playground rules. The rocks are made out of tire rubber!

Bonus points if you know where the words come from! This mural sits in the cafeteria.

1 comment:

amy z. said...

that's a crazy playgroud...i want to be 6 again...

and the song is from High School Musical. the title? "Breaking Free." Do i get EXTRA bonus points for knowing the title too? I can even start singing some of the lyrics, but i'll save everyone from that...