01 January 2007

Ooh, fun new challenge!

Sassy has challenged us to post a book every day this month. She says
There are no rules, except you must post a book every day. It can be a book you love, a book you hate, a book that impacted you. Whatever you wish. You may review it, or just tell why it matters; you may post a picture from Amazon or your own copy. Whatev. Up to you, faithful readers.
I choose to play, although I may not succeed at every day.

My first book has got to be The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney. Any book that I can recite the first page of has got to be good. I pick up this book every chance I have. It doesn't matter that I have most of it memorized!

If you want to join Sassy has a cool graphic that you can use - I'll put it up if I have a chance.

Next up: the book I finished reading today.


Dallas Blue said...

welcome to the game, A! :-)

I'm loving it. Posting my book of the day is magnificent.

And in fact, I *attempted* to use that book as the justification for a very bizarre political ad in my political campaign class.

"But, Dr. M! Don't you SEE? Common sense and common values are on the milk carton because they're MISSING. Like in the BOOK?"

No dice.

Mary P. said...

I've read that book. And its sequel. Good reads, both of them.

Oh, I really want to do this, if only to get that Ultra-Cool sticker for my sidebar! Because that picture? Those are MY shelves!! But can I manage?

I think I'll try!