04 January 2007


Since I have been home all day today, I don't have much to say. So I think I'll get straight to the book of the day thing. You may end up with four books today - I don't know if I postdate entries if they'll just show up know or really wait until the assigned dates, but I won't be able to get to the computer for the next three days as I'll be out of town.

I'm going to a retreat. And the person who sent out emails said to leave our iPods at home, becasue we are trying to grow closer to God and our friends on this trip. However, I use the iPod to fall asleep. Therefore, it's coming with me, no matter what he says! Ha! How are they really going to know anyways?

Citizen Girl is no where near as good as The Nanny Diaries. Seriously. I tried like three times to read this book. And each time I was even more confused than last time. I was shocked to find that the reviews on Amazon match my opinion. Has anyone actually read this book and loved it? If so, what was the key?

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Dallas Blue said...

i didn't even like the nanny diaries that much....

have fun on your retreat!