11 January 2007

Catching up

First things first - it's delurking week. And while I don't think I've had too many lately - I was too new of a blogger to participate last year - so I'm joining in this time around. Tell me something about yourself - how'd you find me? What keeps you coming back? What else do you want to share?

Wow, so much for the book-a-day thing. Unless I write about several books right now, which may happen. I have two uploaded and ready to go – except for the writing part.

And I have two more that I could write about easily, so I think I’m just going to go for it and come up with a six book day today. Does that count in the rules? Hmm…

For starters, The Pact by Jodi Picoult is a wonderful book, as are all of them. For many this is/was their first Picoult book, for me it was my third or fourth (I plan to use the other one later on this month). The Pact is very well written (unlike these posts) and I enjoyed it immensely. I tried to get my mom to read it, but about three days in (she reads slow, something about lack of time and being tired…) we found out about my friend who had died and she couldn’t continue, I don’t blame her one bit, but I think she should try again, it’s been almost a year.

I just finished another Jodi Picoult ( The Tenth Circle). It was okay, but not nearly as good as The Pact or my other favourite one (I promise I’ll get to it, but I want to do it justice so it might be a while). The first three chapters weren’t all that interesting, and it felt really slow paced. And then the major twist comes in the middle and all of a sudden, the book is intriguing. The conclusion was significantly better than the beginning in my opinion – and I promise it gets better in the middle.

Next, let’s go with The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards. This was one of my Christmas money books, and I bought it because the cover was cool and the back cover seemed like it would be a good story. It took me a bit longer than I usually take to read, but that was probably because it was set in a time period that I couldn’t really relate to (the 1960s through early 1980s). It was harder for me to understand the actions of the main character because of the world I grew up, compared to the world he was facing for his children, but overall it was enjoyable.

There are two separate posts to come about two other books (which I may just date for the two days over the weekend that I was gone. Leaving me with only one more book in order to catch up), both suggestions from Sassy back in August when I was begging – she’ll be glad to know that I truly appreciate these ones in particular.


Anonymous said...

My name is Connie and I am a lurker :)

Anonymous said...

First time visitor, general lurker.

I LOVE book blogs. I shall return.

Granny said...

Hi Connie. You're lurking all over the place.


Delurking (lol) to say hi. I wish I had time to read more. I used to go through about a book a day.

Oh, and thanks for the comment. I'm so behind.

Anonymous said...

Am I considered a part time lurker?

I got the Memory Keeper's Daughter for my cousin for her birthday. She didn't have time to read it until after college finals were over, but she says she loved it. She recommended it, you recommended it. Guess I'll have to read it.

L. said...

Delurking -- well, maybe I`ve commented sprorardically before. Did I find you, or did you find me? I truly don`t remember!