18 October 2006

This post has been four days in the making...

and yet, it has nothing to do with those four days. First, I'm going to link to two articles about Corey Lidle. Because I never really said much and I just cried. Again.

Secondly, I have midterms this week. Oh so many midterms. And I'm so overwhelmed that it's not funny. Although, right now I feel a little better than I did last night. Because I actually got something done. I finished my midterm for one class (the tutoring one. The midterm was like 7 pages long typed.), wrote a journal for another class and now have a lesson plan to do and then one more paper. And then I can breathe. Unless I actually get plane tickets for this weekend. At which point, I will continue working, so that I am all caught up for next week. The reason I feel so bad this week is because of the San Francisco weekend, which while totally worth it, definitely put me far behind.

Speaking of that trip, it was fun, I had a blast. And did more shopping and walking than I'd ever imagined possible. And found out that Victoria's Secret doesn't carry a bra in my size. So while my aunt and mother were getting new bras I was sitting in the comfy chair outside the dressing rooms. Which sucked. And made me feel fat, even though that's not really the truth.

Mary P. has very interesting (and aggravating) post up about a website that is stealing our posts. Granny (I think, sorry if it wasn't you Granny and was someone else) mentioned it earlier, and I know that a couple of my posts are up there. Which makes me very angry.

Can you tell that I'm all written out? I can't form proper sentences. So if you've actually made it this far, congratulations!

And now, I have class so I'm out of here. Maybe I'll be back sooner.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad that Victoria's Secret doesn't have your size. I bet they don't have mine either, since I can't even go to the women's department to get mine. I'm stuck in the children's department.

Granny said...

I doubt they have my size.

And yes, it was I who wrote about Bitacle without really knowing what I was talking about.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you have a busy life, glsd you had a great time in SF, are you watching the series tonite ,