27 May 2006

Oh, thank goodness!

The A’s finally won a game today. The final score 6-3. The score when I turned on the game? 6-0, meaning the Rangers scored 3 runs immediately upon my turning on the game. I almost turned it off. And then I realize, forget it. I’ll watch and when the A’s lose again I’ll be just as frustrated as I was yesterday and the day before, and the six days before that. And then, the starting pitcher actually got out of the inning. And pitched two more. And threw 126 pitches, a career high. Meaning, next game should be interesting.

Four players had at least two hits each (including Dan, yay Betty!). Six different players scored a run. YAY! Things might be looking up a little. Especially when you consider that none of those runs came on a homerun. While homeruns are nice, it does not help when that is all you can do to score!

This is a list of injured players – two of them are ones who I enjoy watching a lot. One is one of the most friendly talkative guys on the entire team, who has remained in good spirits despite being on the disabled list forever. The others, I don’t have an opinion about, since this is their first (full) season with the A’s and I haven’t really had a chance to watch them play.

  • J. Kennedy RP/SP May 11 15-day Sore left shoulder
  • J. Duchscherer RP May 7 15-day Right elbow tendinitis
  • E. Loaiza SP Apr 29 15-day Left shoulder and back strain
  • R. Harden SP Apr 27 15-day Strained back muscle, out 3-6 weeks
  • M. Bradley RF/CF Apr 27 15-day Sprained right knee
  • J. Witasick RP Apr 14 15-day Sprained left ankle

Three of them are close to getting back (we’re talking a week or two, which in the grand scheme of things shouldn’t be so bad). The others there is no timetable for their return. Meaning they could be out for a very long time. I just want some pitching back. Five of the six guys on this list are pitchers. The A’s have blown massive leads in the last couple days due to inadequate pitching, a coincidence? I think not!

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Granny said...

I'm glad they finally came out of the doldrums.

Giants won another one. I'll have to check the standings again.

Still 714.