07 May 2006

Baseball Saturday - I live for this!

Let me describe my Saturday if I may – I woke up at 330am, left my house at 345am, couldn’t get on the freeway at 4am due to an accident so I had to go down a side road with a speed limit of 25mph instead of the 65mph freeway. I made it to California by 5am, Sacramento by about 630am and Oakland at 802am, I stopped for breakfast at that point and got to McAfee by 815am. I then proceeded to sit in line for 3 hours, painting a sign (which was recorded by a cameraman from ESPN – so I’ll be on national television at some point) and hanging out with friends.

Gates opened 1035am, I got my bobblehead, went to put the sign down in a seat that wasn’t mine, put stuff down to save my seat and then headed to the dugout where I hung out and got three (or was it four? I don’t know, I’d already been up for about 7 hours at this point, four of them driving!) autographs. When I went to my seat at 1215pm someone was sitting in it and wouldn’t move despite the fact that I explained that I had saved that seat hours before. It worked out because there was an extra seat in the front row so I sat there instead of the second row like I usually do. The game was crazy, indescribable even – word could not explain that bottom of the ninth inning, even the articles online didn’t give what I saw as an accurate description of the events.

After the game, I hung out by the lot where the players park and waited for them to leave, like we usually do. Sometimes players stop, sometimes they don’t and we’ve learned secrets to getting them to stop when they leave. A couple guys stopped including one who I’d already received and didn’t have anything to sign, however, Huston stopped which made me incredibly happy before driving home. I left Oakland at 5pm, got to Auburn at 715 or so, stopped for gas and a coffee and continued driving home. I got home at 930pm watched Baseball Tonight and Sportscenter hoping to catch a recap of the game. Gave up on that at 1030 and headed to bed. It was a long day, I was tired and needed sleep. Overall it was worth every minute of it though – I so love baseball. I can’t wait for my next game, May 20th.


Granny said...

Was that the game with the knock down drag out? Sounds like a great time even if was the Coliseum (lol).

I wish now I had taped the game. I might have been able to find you (if I knew what your sign said.

Mary P. said...

Wow, you ARE a dedicated fan! Did you go on your own, or with a friend? Who's the "we" you mention - someone you went with, or the others you met there who try for autographs?