14 May 2006

Opportunities Abound

So here’s a run down of my options – I don’t think I’m going to end up with one family this summer – I think I’m going to end up with at least four families filling out my time, and that’s okay as long as I fill in my days!

There’s the family who has twins on the way and an 18 month old (M, I’ll have to come up with something different for her, or just drop my other M and A from the list since I don’t see them very often anymore- in fact maybe that’s what I’ll do). I met them today, and I’m going to try to fit them in at some point – since they only want about 4-8 hours a week right, that shouldn’t be so hard. Plus in the fall, they’ll take the mornings that I would have had a hard time filling because they’re rather short (3-3.5 hours max) which is nice.

There’s the family who’s ad states 15-40 hrs/week at a very fair rate for two boys, ages 2 and 5. But, their mom hasn’t called me back, and the message she left yesterday sounded hurried and rushed like she didn’t even have time to leave me her phone number. Seems like a high stress family, which isn’t so cool to me – I want something that won’t be super stressful all summer long.

There’s the family in a pretty prestigious neighbourhood in the city where I go to school who have a 20 month old daughter and are looking for a part-time nanny and someone for occasional babysitting. I’m most excited to meet this family. Mom sounded great on the phone, and didn’t rush off even though she was heading to the bay area for oral surgery. She said she’d call me today and hasn’t yet, but she could be in bad shape from the surgery so it’s all good. She’ll call when she calls (I hope – I really want this position).

Oh but the best one of all – the mom with the triplet 5 year olds, 3 year old and 6 year old offered me $200/week for 56.25 hours. Do the math – or I’ll just tell you because I did the math. That amounts the $3.55/hr for five children including driving them all over the place. Did anyone inform this lady that gas costs what she is paying an hour? I haven’t earn $3.50 an hour since I was 12 – and had no experience!

Of course, there’s K and B one afternoon a week. We all know how I feel about those kids.

There’s also H and S for about 6 hours a week (two mornings) and X for about 3 hours on one of those days. H and S may live in a family that does things (like schooling) differently than I am used to but for the amount that their mother is paying me for the 6 hours, I can adjust. Plus, it’ll be good when I’m in a classroom with students whose parents don’t agree with my views of something. I’m almost tempted to cut out X – after all his mom is the reason that I’m on this job hunt, we’ll see what happens.

Depending upon what happens with the two families that I should have an interview with next week, I’m looking at K on Wed, the 18 month old Mon afternoons and Wed mornings, H, S and X on Fridays (plus H and S Monday mornings), and hopefully (cross your fingers for this one) the 20 month old Tues/Thurs (unless that mom wants more time, at which point she gets Mondays).

In my next post I’ll discuss the families who want me evenings and weekends only – this entry has become rather long. But, I’ll leave you with a question:

Would you share your references with someone who you’ve only sent one or two emails to, never talked on the phone nor met face-to-face? I think that it’s okay to say that I’d rather meet you first, but most of these families tried to get my references immediately upon first contact. What’s fair to those you are using as references? I don’t want to alienate anyone by having them receive a ton of calls from families that I don’t even know yet – what if it’s a really bad match?

07 May 2006

Baseball Saturday - I live for this!

Let me describe my Saturday if I may – I woke up at 330am, left my house at 345am, couldn’t get on the freeway at 4am due to an accident so I had to go down a side road with a speed limit of 25mph instead of the 65mph freeway. I made it to California by 5am, Sacramento by about 630am and Oakland at 802am, I stopped for breakfast at that point and got to McAfee by 815am. I then proceeded to sit in line for 3 hours, painting a sign (which was recorded by a cameraman from ESPN – so I’ll be on national television at some point) and hanging out with friends.

Gates opened 1035am, I got my bobblehead, went to put the sign down in a seat that wasn’t mine, put stuff down to save my seat and then headed to the dugout where I hung out and got three (or was it four? I don’t know, I’d already been up for about 7 hours at this point, four of them driving!) autographs. When I went to my seat at 1215pm someone was sitting in it and wouldn’t move despite the fact that I explained that I had saved that seat hours before. It worked out because there was an extra seat in the front row so I sat there instead of the second row like I usually do. The game was crazy, indescribable even – word could not explain that bottom of the ninth inning, even the articles online didn’t give what I saw as an accurate description of the events.

After the game, I hung out by the lot where the players park and waited for them to leave, like we usually do. Sometimes players stop, sometimes they don’t and we’ve learned secrets to getting them to stop when they leave. A couple guys stopped including one who I’d already received and didn’t have anything to sign, however, Huston stopped which made me incredibly happy before driving home. I left Oakland at 5pm, got to Auburn at 715 or so, stopped for gas and a coffee and continued driving home. I got home at 930pm watched Baseball Tonight and Sportscenter hoping to catch a recap of the game. Gave up on that at 1030 and headed to bed. It was a long day, I was tired and needed sleep. Overall it was worth every minute of it though – I so love baseball. I can’t wait for my next game, May 20th.