03 April 2006

Nothing I would have done would have been enough

When I finally got the courage (as well as a spare moment) to call the mother with the two young kids back and tell her that I didn't want the job, I lucked out to get her voice mail. I left her a message that plain and simply stated that I felt that the job was too many hours- especially with children who may or may not nap. After all, I have homework, and a lot of it right now- it is the end of my junior year of college. Well, today she called, and I answered it mostly because I thought it might have been K's mom, and I didn't want her to think that I wasn't going to answer her calls (although looking back, I could have just said we were upstairs and I didn't make down in time or something). Instead, it's the mother who's job I didn't want- who tells me that I've put her in a major bind and basically yells at me for not taking her job. Um, excuse me, but you're the one who went back on her word, not me. About the time that I was crying while on the phone last week, you might have considered looking for someone else to fill the position. Oh and you still have two weeks to find someone to fill in- heaven forbid you might actually have to spend 6 hours with your children.

I'll have to post about the newest potential opportunity I've got on the job front (I think I wrote a little a couple posts back, but a lot has happened since then). But, right now I've got to go write a paper about whether potential parents should be given a test- and if so, what types of questions should be on the test. I'm going to agree with this one, purely because I've procrasinated so long that it seems kind of worthless to spend a ton of time looking up new references- I'll stick with the textbook, thanks!


Mary P. said...

Well, if that doesn't confirm you made the right decision, nothing could! Not caring when you cried? Getting angry because you didn't take the job? What kind of an employer would that make her?

I had an interview a few years back. I thought it had gone well, but that's no guarantee of anything, so I continued in my search, and filled the space. FIVE WEEKS later, there was mom at my back door with the contract, wanting the space. Five weeks!

I had explained in the interview that I don't call people up after an interview. If they want the space, they have to let me know within two or three weeks. Now, if they had said, "We're really interested. If anyone else wants to sign on, let us know first," I would have done that. But they didn't say anything! I have lots of interviews; they don't all turn out into contracts. Unless they say something, there's no way I can know what they're thinking.

Mom took it quietly. She was disappointed, but she went home.

An hour later, dad was at my back door, trying to bully me into changing my mind. I said I was sorry, but I had a signed contract. Told him I have lots of interviews, and there's no way for me to know when someone leaves what their intentions are. (What am I, a mind-reader?) Reminded him that I'd told them I didn't chase people - he'd forgotten this critical bit. His excuse for not calling was that they'd been on holiday. (So how was I supposed to call them, anyway, then?) Frowned and sighed and scowled and told me, "Well, it's your business to run", but clearly he thought I was doing an inferior job.

All this left me thinking: Thank goodness I didn't sign on with them. If he could behave like that when he was trying to make a good impression and win me over, how would he behave when we had a signed contract, and something happened he didn't like?

You're well rid of her! She'd have been trouble, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Ick. Caller ID would've been really good then.

You don't want that kind of bad energy in your life.

Found you through "Morphing Into Mama".