09 April 2006

A Bit of Blogkeeping

If you’ve noticed- there’s a list of the kids who are mentioned on this page, along with their ages and siblings. If you click on the linked ones you’ll find the entry where I first introduced them (or in the case of K and B, most of these entries are about them, and I never really introduced them so their links are some of my favourites I guess). Those who don’t have links will be introduced in the coming days/weeks/whenever I get a chance.

I've had a lot of lurkers lately- and I'd like to welcome you all to say hi! I'm not scary I promise- it'd be interesting to see who's visiting me!

Now, K starts preschool on Monday- she’ll be pulled out 2-3 times a week for speech and at least once a week for physical therapy. They determined that she’s far behind physically, and not so much speech-wise (although regardless of her speech she qualifies because of her nodules). I think that the reason for a physical delay is because she’s so little (something like the 10th percentile in both height and weight)- there are a lot things you can’t do if your legs can’t reach that far (like climbing up the stairs one foot at a time). I’m going to pick her up from her first day of school, along with Wednesday and then starting next week I’m only going to have her on Wednesdays. That frees Mondays and Fridays for the two families that are neighbours (H and S in one family, X (age 8 months) in the other).

I got a hit this morning from someone searching for ‘naughty Anya’- now I don’t know what you were looking for but you probably didn’t find it here! Yesterday I actually got five hits from search engines (definitely my most so far- usually it’s maybe on or two) but the rest of the hits were from people looking for something about nannies. It's kind of exciting that my hits are beginning to become more and more diverse- on some level I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't know you were that naughty. ;)

My daughter is always on the bottom line, as far as weight and height, for her age. However, she's also a preemie, so I give her some slack.

BTW, how do you track the search hits that lead people to your blog?